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"Finally, I have some decent pictures for you. They are from the recent Moth Eurocup Regatta at Lake Traunsee (AUT).  The numbers look awesome! :-)
Thanks again for your excellent work, and best regards,
Dacron Sail Numbers

Sail Numbers by Display Laser

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  0

Our Insignia Cloth is high tack, adhesive backed Dacron® material.
The best fabric available.  Numbers 6 and 9 are the same.

Available in 5 colors

NEW!  We Now Have Navy Blue Insignia Cloth!!!


18”  Numbers    $4.30
15”  Numbers    $3.60
12”  Numbers    $2.25
10”  Numbers    $2.00

Email us at info@displaylasercutting.com to order,

Or call Jimmy at 910 547 0212

We can do numbers and letters in any font, custom design too.

We also do most Sailboat Class Insignia Logos



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